The importance of the languages cannot be over emphasized. The languages and especially English is a service subject. It is a vehicle through which all the rules and opportunities hold here that an excellent student in English is also good in the other subjects.

The reverse is also true. Furthermore, the languages are mandatory for all the students regardless of their abilities, in the final exam; unlike the electives. Beyond the school perimeter and besides the syllabus implementation, the language proficiency is crucial in the job market. Before one is offered an employment or a place in a college, their linguistic competence is assessed through their performances in K.C.S.E or even through oral interviews. Inability in self-expression in a blatant indication of linguistic incapacitation. Consequently, it should be the endeavor of all students to cultivate the right attitude to aid in language acquisition.


The school stands on 40 acres of land. It started in 1969 as a girls’ school. Between 1972 and 1978, it operated as a mixed school. In 1979, it …

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